Cancellation Policy

As I have been having a few problems with late notice cancellations, I want to remind all clients of my cancellation terms and conditions.

By booking and paying for your session you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below.

A full list of all my terms and conditions can be found by clicking here.

  1. If clients cancel their session NO REFUNDS will be given unless I can fill the space. If this happens repeatedly the client may loose the ability to book further sessions.
  2. If a scheduled training class or one to one is cancelled by myself then a new date will be given. If this is not possible then a refund for the missed session will be given.
  3. If I decide that the Dog or Handler is not suitable for training and the training does not take place then a refund will be given.
  4. Refunds will not be given for a booked session if it is your choice not to attend, for example due to a holiday/ last minute change of plans.

Dog Urination On Equipment

Our equipment is very costly and due to current health and safety regulations we now have a no tolerance policy regarding dogs urinating on equipment.  

Clients are asked not to let dogs off lead to run around the arena before a training session commences. This is to minimise any accidents.

When dogs are in between exercises in a session dogs must be either in a control position (sit, down etc) on a boundary or clipped back on lead.

Any accidents that do occur will need to be cleaned by the handler using the water & spray provided in the arena. The time taken to do this will be part of your training session.

Repeat offenders will occur a cleaning charge fine for each offence of £5 to enable the equipment to be deep cleaned to prevent other dogs marking the equipment.

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