I love learning! For me it is important to get as much knowledge as possible so I can pass this down to my clients.

Agility is not only about the sport itself, it is knowing all the little jigsaw pieces that make up your dogs personality and behaviour and I pride myself on keeping up to date with a number of organisations to ensure my coaching brings knowledgeable up to date and kind methods that are fun for both the dog and handler but that also adapt to suit each individual partnership.

You can see a detailed list of previous courses I have undertaken by clicking here.

My Instagram feed also has many certificates posted from the many courses I have attended.

Regarding Agility CPD, below is a list of organisations where I pay a monthly subscription and undertake weekly training.

Dog Training College, Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer, Pro Trainer Club, Geek and their Agility Academy. Susan Garatt Agility Nation, One Mind Dogs Premium, Into Shape Agility.

Along with these organisations I attend a huge amount of online webinars with various sources, I am studying further dog training qualifications and I also train my own dogs weekly with top agility handlers and coaches.

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