FUNdamental Agility Skills – 3 Week Courses

Helping Handlers To Understand Their Dog’s Individual Needs, To Create Success In Every Stage Of Their Agility Journey!

As a trainer I am really passionate about giving handlers as much knowledge as possible when it comes to their agility training. Agility isn’t just about the actual equipment, it is about building a strong team and working together on a course. When that partnership ‘clicks’ it is the best feeling in the world and success is just a byproduct of the team you have created together.

By enabling handlers to gain an insight into their dogs world, their individuality, how they learn and how best to work with them so both sides of the relationship are happy, it opens up a whole new world of understanding, respect, kindness and trust. This newfound relationship brings fantastic results both at home and in the ring!

My tailored programmes involve 3 stand alone courses, each are 3 weeks in duration. In the sessions I combine handler knowledge with practical training. Each session starts in the purpose built classroom with an information dense talk. We then use the outside fenced paddock for the practical training.

You will receive a gift pack at the start of each course and on successful completion you will receive a certificate and small rosette.

The courses take place at the Golden Valley venue and are suitable for all ages.

Handlers need to complete the courses in numerical order.

Course Content Information:

FUNdamental Skills 1

Week 1 – Focus, Disengagement and Recall – Understanding Your Dog’s Brain.
Week 2 – Proximity for Agility, Loose Lead Games and Strategies For Stress Free Queueing. – Understanding How Your Dog Makes Choices and Ensuring They Choose The Right One!
Week 3 – Calmness v’s Excitement – Working With An Agility Dog In Arousal.

Fundamental Skills 2

Week 1 – Relationship and Reinforcement Deep Dive. Why these are so important to your agility training!
Week 2 – Confidence Deep Dive – Why this is needed for both the dog and the handler!
Week 3 – Essential Skills and Strategies for Agility Success!

Fundamental Skills 3

Week 1 – Routine – How it can Help AND Hinder your Agility Training!
Week 2 – Handling Skills Deep Dive.
Week 3 – Course Walking – The things you NEED to be doing at training and at competition.


Katrina is the best dog/agility trainer I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She is extremely knowledgeable and kind and patient. My relationship with my dogs has improved a lot, because of Katrina’s excellent advice. Many thanks Katrina.

Susan Brookes

I was really impressed with KB Agility’s FUNdamentals foundations course, so much content and loads to learn. This really helped me understand my individual dogs more and what’s needed at the outset to develop my agility training. Looking forward to FUNdamentals 2 😁

Melissa Slaney

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