Fusion Training

Fusion training is where my online training meets my in person training.

Dog training requires daily commitment and consistency but it is sometimes difficult to know how to move your training forward in between your practical sessions.

Something may happen in between your practical sessions which is a slight set back in your training and your not sure how to move your training forward or how to resolve the struggle your facing.

My fusion training solves this problem!

Online students receive a weekly individual tailored plan along with access to our learning zone, Facebook live seminars and the opportunity to ask as many questions as they like in their private Facebook group along with lots of other bonuses!

My online students who also partake in regular in person one to one training are automatically put onto my fusion programme where we combine what we do in the one to one sessions with my online coaching!

This enables our students to have more structure in their training with the back up of my online coaching in between their practical sessions.

Students on my fusion programme see faster results and their dog training going from strength to strength!

If you are interested in my fusion training for you and your dog simply contact me using the form below.

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