Getting Started With Agility Training

Am I right for you?

It is often hard to choose a trainer when there are so many of us around! I wanted to tell you a little bit about how I train so you can decide if my training suits what you are looking for. You can also find more information about me in the about section of this website.

I train people who either currently compete, who would like to compete in the future or people who are looking to train their dog the same way as those who wish to compete but they have no desire to compete just yet.

A lot of people get involved in agility to have fun with their dog, agility is brilliant fun and builds a strong relationship between you and your dog, however there is a big difference with “for fun” agility compared to competitive training which I teach.

In my training you will not see all of the kit straight away. You will work at a pace that is safe for your dog. We build strong foundations, which in turn means faster and safer progression onto the agility kit when the time is right for your dog to progress their skills. Depending on your dogs age and previous training history determines where you will start with your training.

Getting Started

Below you will find a list of courses, both online and in person that I recommend as a good place to start.

Games For Agility Success:

This is an online course that will be a huge value to all of your agility training, not just foundations! I recommend all students have this course as I refer to it a lot in my training.

Fundamental Foundations 3 Week Courses:

These courses are packed full of knowledge for any agility dog! There are 3 courses packed full of knowledge for the handlers combined with fun games that you will use in all stages of your agility career.

Click the button below for more details.

Small Group Workshops

I run small group workshops at the Golden Valley venue. These sessions are for dogs who are happy to work around other dogs. If your dog struggles with this the one to one coaching may be more suitable.

Small class sizes and focused learning on various topics.

You can find more information about the workshops by clicking the button below.

Please view the booking calendar for current availability for my workshops.

Online Video Training:

30 days of online training delivered via WhatsApp. Simple, easy and effective training from the comfort of your own home.

Online Learning:

I have a wide variety of online seminars which will give you valuable information that will aid your agility training. Simply click the button below to see the full range.

One to One Programmes

I run one to one training programmes in blocks of training. Please click the button below for more information.

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