Important Information

Please make sure you read all of the information below.

We have a Facebook group for our students which is the first place we go to update you with important information:

Please make sure you have read the ‘Important Information’ topic section on the Facebook page and check all the posts in the announcements section at the top of the page (click where it says see more)

In your confirmation email, on our Facebook page and in our terms and conditions you will find our Covid-19 Regulations and Rules please make sure you are familiar with these before booking a session. These can also be found in our terms and conditions.

Our full terms and conditions can be found by clicking the button below.

Payment needs to be made to confirm a booking.

Regular students need to book their sessions in 4 or 6 week blocks.

Other bookings are made via our Ad Hoc Booking Website (click to view)

Cancellation requires 72 hours notice otherwise you will be charged in full for the session.

Please make sure you clean up after your dog and take waste home with you.

Do not walk round the venue before your session, please stay near to your car until the person before you is back in their vehicle. Some dogs do not like other dogs and this is to prevent any incidents occurring.

The first part of your session will be WITHOUT your dog. Please leave them in your car until asked to bring them in to the arena by your trainer.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy on dogs soiling the agility kit. If your dog soils the kit you will be asked to clean it using the products supplied. We suggest you prevent this happening by clicking your dog back on lead when having a break in training or using a boundary for your dog to rest on. Repeat offenders will face a cleaning charge fine.

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