Is My Training For You?

Sometimes it is hard to find a trainer who is the right fit for you and your dog.

I am committed to training dogs the correct way! Reward based, kind and fun!

My one to one coaching is tailor made for you and your dog. I teach students who are either wanting to compete with their dogs or those who love to learn and train in the same way as those competing.

You can find more detailed information about me by clicking here to visit the About Section.

For agility training to be successful your dog needs to have a solid recall and to be able to work with you off lead. If you haven’t got a solid recall with your dog yet, I would recommend training this before commencing agility training.

My training uses food and toys to reward the dogs during training, so make sure you bring your dogs favourite toy and LOTS of food (more than you think you will need – we can get through a lot of learning in the sessions)

You will start with a 30 minute taster session where you will meet me, see my venue, and we will chat through your dogs previous levels of training. We will have a go at a couple of training games and we will advise you what we would suggest for your training going forwards.

If you are completely new to agility then you will either start with one of my 6 session pre-agility programmes or one of my 4 week foundation programmes. The programme I suggest will be based on your dogs previous training.

I have extra online training available that works alongside your in person sessions to supercharge your knowledge and dog training skills:

  • Zoom Tailored Training Consultations
  • Zoom Webinars and Seminars
  • Online Courses.
  • Online Resources.

Where does training take place?

I train primarily in my secure outdoor arena, which is conveniently located between Matlock and Alfreton, Derbyshire.

The arena has a fantastic well draining sand surface, this means we can train all year round in most weather without compromising your dogs safety (no slipping on wet grass!)

Am I right for you?

If your wanting to learn agility safely and properly from the ground up with the emphasis on fun and understanding then yes!!

I never rush dogs onto kit, I build strong foundations that will last your entire agility career. I progress each dog at their own rate which is entirely unique to them.

Although there is absolutely no pressure to compete (I have both non competing clients and those that do) my training does focus on training you and your dog the correct steps to enable them to go to a competition should they wish to. Many students start not wanting to compete but they soon get the agility bug and find themselves in the ring!

By teaching every dog the same regardless of if they compete or not, it ensures they are more than prepared if their new hobby takes them to competition.

What I don’t do:

If you looking for somewhere to let your dog run wild and act like they are at a play park then my training isn’t for you! (There are other places that will let you do that) Agility training requires consistency, kindness and homework.

I want to set your dog up for successful training from the start, and for them to love agility as much as the handlers do! To do that we need to teach them in a kind, ethical and fun way.

I am passionate about agility, dog training and dog behaviour and I specialise in agility foundation training. If your looking for a new hobby where you and your dog build a fantastic, fun relationship and work as a team then we are for you!

Do you have to take it to competition level?

No! Although a lot of my students do compete there is no pressure to take it to the competition ring. I train a mix of students, some just come for fun to enjoy time with their dog with no desire at all to go to a competition.

I train the dogs in exactly the same way whether they will enter the competition ring or not. My training is focused on teaching agility safely at a pace which is right for your individual dog. You will learn all the handling to enable you to compete, yet there is no pressure to ever take it to the ring.

I teach strong foundations using fun games, I combine this with giving you expert knowledge on how to understand your dog as a whole.

Agility for ‘fun’ still needs to be taught in a safe way regardless of the handlers personal goals, and I will not compromise the safety or wellbeing of a dog for human gain.

I will however teach you how to have the best time creating a fun new hobby with your best four legged friend!

Why do I train One to One and not groups?

Although I do teach small group workshops I mainly train one to one. Not every dog is suited to group learning. Some dogs may not like other dogs, some dogs may LOVE other dogs and would find having them there while learning a big distraction!

Agility by it’s nature increases arousal in dogs and all dogs find it easier to learn new skills without the added distractions of other dogs.

When you are learning a new skill you want to focus on your dog and the learning without the added worry of your dog running up to another dog and wasting your time (and money) with the trainer!

My training is bespoke to the individual needs of the dog and client, each session is focused on what you need at that moment in time. You can’t always get this level of service when you are in a group setting.

With one to one training your skills will progress much quicker.

Do I do any group sessions?

Yes! When my students are at a stage where they can incorporate their training around other dogs I run small group workshops.

I match the dogs in the group for whatever stage they are at in their training.

If you feel I am the right fit for you and your dog, and you’d like to book a taster session then click the button below for more information!

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