Milo – Majesticalglowing Amber AW(S)

Milo is our 7 year old Working Cocker Spaniel.

We have slowly eased him in to competing as he can be slightly nervous in some situations.

He took to competing at Kennel Club shows like a duck to water going from Grade 1 to Grade 4 at only 5 shows!!

Milo now competes in Grade 7 at Kennel Club shows and has gained his Agility Warrant Silver.

Milo went from Grade 1 to Grade 5 in less than a year, competing at only a handful of shows, this is a testament to the games we teach in our classes, bringing out his confidence and enhancing his natural desire and drive.

We also compete at the local UK Agility Shows where he is progressing really well and competes in Novice.

Milo measures medium height.

Milo is a joy to own and train alongside. He is always up for a game or 3, whether that be in agility or playing training games, he absolutely loves to work but also enjoys to relax too.

For those that train with us you will see Milo appear on our training videos.

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