One to One Agility Coaching

Helping Handlers To Understand Their Dog’s Individual Needs, With Tailored One To One Coaching.

I have no availability for one to one sessions until February 2023. Online training is available.

Tailored training for you and your dog!

Agility training requires lots of little ‘pieces’ to fit together in order for it to be successful. I offer one to one coaching options to suit all requirements.

Please read all the information below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to enquire about one to one sessions.

I specialise in Problematic Agility Behaviour, Foundations, Mindset and Competition Preparation.

On occasion I do also cover certain ‘general dog training’ problems – please contact me to discuss your requirements.

I am based near Matlock, Derbyshire but I have access to a number of training locations for training. In my out and about training we can use suitable public spaces or specific training locations depending on your training requirements.

*Travel costs will be calculated as part of your ‘Out and About’ package.

How do I train?

My sessions are tailored specifically for each individual dog promoting lots of fun, engagement, focus and handler knowledge (the most important part) enabling your relationship to go from strength to strength both in and out of the agility ring.

My training is a little different. I strongly believe that by giving the handlers as much information as possible on how to understand their individual dog, and how to get the best out of their dog in a positive, kind way, it enables both the dog and handler to navigate the agility course at ease.

The dogs will not be working for the whole of the session, dogs learn best when they are able to take little breaks in learning. While your dog is resting we will talk through some strategies on how to move your training forward. It is useful if you bring a boundary/ raised bed to your sessions and a suitable chew or kong for them to enjoy if they struggle to settle.

Dogs require consistency to enable their training to be successful. It is often what happens in between the training sessions that makes the dog training unsuccessful. By undertaking a training package you will ensure that you are practicing the training correctly as all packages include 30 days video training (usual price £40 per 30 days) which ensures you have access to regular, tailored feedback to aid your training between the in person sessions.

Prices start from £35 depending on service.

Please also see my online coaching options which are always available.

Please fill out the form below to enquire about one to one sessions.


Katrina is a fantastic trainer regardless of whether your learning online with a particular course or a group workshop or 1 to 1 lesson. Feel we have learned so much and me and my dog enjoys the training. We have recently done a couple of workshops on a particular area of agility e.g weaves workshop and handling moves, they were brilliant. Katrina is a calm and understanding trainer to each individual and dog.

Kerry Fox

Katrina is a credit to her profession, as well as being an excellent agility trainer and behaviourist, she is v kind and patient. Putting the welfare of your dog first, I would highly recommend.

Melissa Slaney
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