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I have a vast range of online help just a click away! You will get a whole years access to my courses from the date of purchase.

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The courses have all been absolutely amazing, clear, easy to follow, well set out and excellent instructions both written and demonstrated with her own dogs. We started with the Games for Agility Success which gave us a fantastic foundation for our agility training and really helped our bond and teamwork, the One Jump Skills were an amazing introduction to the agility handling moves and something I still refer back to now to really focus in on your body and hand positions. Getting started with contact training has given us the biggest love of contacts and enabled these to become our strongest element! The weaves training guide has been invaluable for teaching us the correct way to learn the weaves and the Loose Lead Training Boost has solved all our pulling problems out on walks and given us fantastic heel work! Thank you for such a valuable resource Katrina – they are all absolutely amazing products and I would recommend every single one to anyone interested in agility training, dog training and building a brilliant relationship with your dog!

— Verity Hill

I’d 100% recommend training with KB Agility both in person and via the online courses and webinars. Clear simple instructions, demo’s with her own dogs and handouts to print off where necessary – basically, all angles covered!

— Jamie Wadsworth

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