Online Training

30 Days of Online Training

Let me help you with your training struggles.

In my online training you will get 30 days of online training delivered via WhatsApp.

Your training will start with a FREE 15 minute telephone or zoom call where we will discuss how I can help you. Your training will then be carried out via 3 video check ins per week via WhatsApp.

A few examples of how I can help:
  • Does your dog struggle with specific agility exercises and you would like some structured guidance?
  • Does your dog struggle to settle or focus at an agility show or in training?
  • Do you get a different dog in training to the one you get in the competition ring?
  • Do you find queueing at an agility show stressful?
  • Does your dog struggle with disengagement, focus or working around other dogs?
  • Does your dog struggle to recall to you or play keep away when training or competing?
  • Is your dog easily excited or worried in certain environments?
  • Do you struggle with how to progress your training?
  • Would you like help with changing your competition results?

These are just a few examples of how I can help, get in touch to arrange your free call and lets discuss how I can help you put all the pieces in place to achieve success!

How does it work?

After we have discussed what you would like to focus on during the 30 days, I give you set tasks to work on throughout the week.

You film your sessions and send these sessions to me via WhatsApp.

You get 3 check in days each week, for example these could be on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

*Days are suited to your individual requirements.

On receipt of your videos, I watch these and offer feedback along with advice on what steps to take next. You then film these next sessions and the process repeats like this until the 30 days expires.

After the 30 days you have the opportunity to book further training if required.

£40 for 30 days tailored coaching via WhatsApp

Please fill out the form below to get started!

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