Pre-Agility Core Games

Understanding your dog, building good foundations along with a fantastic relationship and having lots of FUN is what will stop your training from becoming average and ensuring it is successful from the start!

Katrina Bayliss

What is covered in the Pre-Agility Games Programme?

In this programme we use very little agility equipment – we just use 1 jump!

Although I know some handlers are very keen to get onto the kit, these foundation games are vital to the success of your dog, not only in agility but the games will transfer to everyday life too!

What do the games teach?

The games will teach your dog the vital agility skills of:

  • Focus.
  • Proximity Value.
  • Calmness.
  • Confidence.
  • Noise Confidence.
  • Working with the handler and being in tune with their body language to enable handling success.
  • Thinking in Arousal.
  • Settling on a Boundary – vital in a agility environment.
  • Impulse Control.
  • Disengagement.
  • Working with Food and Toys.
  • Forward Drive.

I will teach you as handlers how to:

Use Rewards and Reinforcements and how to get it right when training!

Understand how your dog makes choices and learn how to help them make the correct ones in agility training.

 Understand the importance of the Relationship between dog and owner and how to maximise this with fun games which will make your agility training successful from the start!

Understand your dog’s individual needs and how to utilise these in your agility training.

Understand your dog’s basic Body Language so that you can adapt your agility training to enable each session to be successful.

 Understand your dogs Emotional needs and how to help them out when things get tough.

 How your dogs arousal levels play a part in your dogs training and learning.

 Minimising problems and what to do when things go wrong!

 How to create a Confident canine so they can master the kit with confidence when it is introduced.

Why are these games so important?

These games are the core of everything you will do in your agility training. They are so important as they teach your dog vital concepts and skills that they need not only in agility, but in daily life too!

We continue to use the skills we teach in this course throughout our agility training and even when we are at competitions!

What is next?

All of my programmes lead on to the next stage of training. After the Pre-Agility Games you will progress onto my Pre-Agility Core Skills Programme.

What can I do in-between sessions?

I recommend that you practice the games from the sessions at home as part of your daily training. This only has to be in short 3 minute sessions whenever you get chance (while you are waiting for the kettle to boil!)

I also have various Online Short Courses that are available:

For students who love to learn as much as they can we have our Geek Club! This is a monthly membership programme where we delve into true understanding of dog behaviour, concepts and agility training that will supercharge your agility training.

Dogs need to be 6 months old to join the Pre-Agility Programme.

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