Pre-Agility Core Skills

Understanding your dog, building good foundations along with a fantastic relationship and having lots of FUN is what will stop your training from becoming average and ensuring it is successful from the start!

Katrina Bayliss

What is in the Core Skills Programme?

  • Successful Start Lines
  • One Jump Skills
  • Basic Agility Handling Skills
  • Forward Focus Over Jumps
  • Introducing The Tunnel
  • Tunnel Skills
  • Proprioception Skills
  • Canine Balance Skills (Important for contact equipment)
  • Introducing Agility Verbal Cues.
  • And SO MUCH MORE!!

We continue to use the skills we teach in this programme in our Foundation Programmes.

For students who love to learn as much as they can we have lots of online learning where we delve into the true understanding of dog behaviour, concepts and detailed information that will supercharge your agility training.

Why train with me?

I have achieved success quickly with my own dogs climbing the grades in record time. I train regularly with top agility handlers and coaches both in person and online. I regularly attend training camps and complete many hours of CPD each week with various dog training organisations.

You can be assured when training with me that my coaching is knowledgeable, kind, fun, and has your dogs individual needs at the top of my list!

Please see the about section for more details.

Dogs need to be 8 months old to join the Pre-Agility Programme.

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