Pre-Agility Core Skills

Understanding your dog, building good foundations along with a fantastic relationship and having lots of FUN is what will stop your training from becoming average and ensuring it is successful from the start!

Katrina Bayliss

My Pre-Agility Core Skills Programme is designed to give you the core skills needed for successful agility training from the start. I have designed this programme with three training options available to enable you to choose the one which suits you best.

Before signing up to my Pre- Agility Core Skills you may be interested in a ‘agility intro’ This is a 30 minute appointment where I meet you and your dog to have an informal chat to see which training option would suit you best. These are held at our venue and are £20.

Click here for more information on the training options for my Pre-Agility Core Skills Programme.

To achieve success in your dog training you need to truly understand the individual needs of your dog, build fantastic foundations and keep everything fun!

When learning agility with me that is exactly what I do! I will not rush your dogs onto kit .. I will help you to build their foundation skills, arm you with a number of fun training games and give you the knowledge to understand your dog in a way you’ve probably never looked at them before!

Build good foundations and your training will never fall down!

I designed my Pre-Agility Core Skills Programme as I realised there is a huge need for foundation skills to be utilised more in agility training! I hate to see dogs who are rushed onto kit often lacking in confidence, not happy and not enjoying their training!!

When starting agility your dog needs to be introduced to the kit safely, if you rush them over kit when their body isn’t ready for it they are more likely to get injured and scared! We want to build happy, confident dogs at each stage in their agility journey.

In my Pre-Agility Core Skills Programme I help you to build strong foundation skills away from the kit and I make sure that your dog is ready for each next stage before we progress. If you decide to go for the online learning or the fusion training option you will also gain valuable information on how to truly understand your dog, enabling you to get the best out of them in their training and create a fun, happy, trusting relationship between you which will create the perfect agility team!

I believe that every dog progresses at their own pace and I nurture that in my training. If your dog is a super quick learner I will adapt my training to suit – I never hold a dog back! If they need a bit more help then that is fine too!

My Pre-Agility Core Skills Programme will give you everything you need to start off your agility training correctly. So often I see people who have rushed to get onto the kit but it’s their foundation training that is letting them down! Just as we would not embark on a new sport without learning the correct way, it is exactly the same for our dogs. The better your foundations the faster you progress!

I have trained both of my current competing dogs using these methods and games. BOTH of our dogs have climbed up the grades very quickly and within their first year competing!

The skills I teach you in this pre-agility core skills programme will not only help your dog progress with their agility training successfully they will also give your dog skills for life!

I am passionate about creating happy and confident agility dogs who love the sport as much as their handlers!

The practical games will teach your dog the vital Agility skills of:


🐾Proximity Value



🐾Noise Confidence

🐾Working with the handler and being in tune with their body language to enable handling success.

🐾Thinking in Arousal.

🐾Settling on a Boundary – vital in a agility environment.

🐾Successful Start Lines

🐾Introducing Agility Verbal Cues.

🐾 Foundation Agility Skills


My online programme will teach you the practical games and you will also learn how to:

🐾 Use Rewards and Reinforcements and how to get it right when training!

🐾Understand how your dog makes choices and learn how to help them make the correct ones in agility training.

🐾 The importance of the Relationship between dog and owner and how to maximise this with fun games which will make your agility training successful from the start!

🐾 Understand your dog’s individual needs and how to utilise these in your agility training.

🐾 Understand your dog’s basic Body Language so that you can adapt your agility training to enable each session to be successful.

🐾 Understand your dogs Emotional needs and how to help them out when things get tough.

🐾 Understand Multi-Dog Environments and how these can effect your dogs training.

🐾 How your dogs arousal levels play a part in your dogs training and learning.

🐾 Minimising problems and what to do when things go wrong!

🐾 How to create a Confident canine so they can master the kit with confidence when it is introduced.

The online course is split into both learning and practical elements. It is the perfect starting block for your agility training. What you learn in this programme will set you up for successful agility training for life!

My fusion training combines the in person sessions with the online learning programme along with lots of bonus extras such as access to an exclusive private Facebook group, Ebooks, handouts and a tailored individual weekly training plan.

We continue to use the skills we teach in this course throughout our agility training and even when we are at competitions!

I train regularly with top agility handlers and coaches both in person and online. I regularly attend training camps and complete many hours of CPD each week with various dog training organisations. Please see the about section for more details.

Click here for more information on the training options for my Pre-Agility Core Skills Programme.

Dogs need to be 6 months old to join this programme.

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