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Monthly Membership That Puts ALL the Pieces In Place!

Recurring monthly membership, with the option to cancel anytime.

Having successfully got both my first and second agility dogs to Grade 7 quite quickly, I welcome you join me on my journey with my young dog, Quest!

Those who know me, have trained with me before, or have listened to my podcast will know that I train agility from the dog’s point of view. For me, the dog’s emotional needs and the relationship you create as a team are at the heart of everything!

There is so much more to agility than just the skills, and if you only focus on the skills, then at some point you will encounter problem behaviour or results that you don’t want!

Going up the grades and achieving grade 7, not once but twice, within 10 days of each other, is an achievement that I am really proud of and it wasn’t done by just training skills!!

The journey with both Milo and Flash involved various training, on things that seem so far removed from actual agility training, but they were the things that mattered when it came to collecting those wins!

What better way to help handlers to understand this way of training and to enable them to put the pieces in place with their own dogs, than to follow me on my journey with my young dog Quest!

Social media only shows you highlights of what everyone wants you to see! In Quest to Success, you get access to everything, and I also explain the most important bit – WHY it is happening and what we will do to move forward.

There is even the option for you to receive tailored feedback each week on your own training!

What is it?

The academy is for agility handlers who want to go beyond training just skills. If you have trained with me before or follow any of my socials, you will know that I am a massive believer in looking after your dog’s emotional needs along with everything else.

When we understand our individual dogs behaviour and their needs, the agility training becomes so much easier and success is just a byproduct of the relationship you create together.

Agility contains so many pieces that have nothing to do with the equipment, that said, there will obviously be parts of the academy that cover skills training, as we are training agility after all! BUT the academy goes so much deeper than that! 

I will explain ALL the pieces that go into creating a confident, happy, focused agility dog who is connected to the handler, who trusts them completely as they work as a team out there on course.

You will have access to my training videos with explanations on how, what and why I am doing certain things with Quest. As his training and competition journey progresses, so will the content in the academy. It will document the highs, the lows, and explain the behaviour side of why this is all happening.

This isn’t just what the academy is about though – you get so much more!!!

What does the membership include?

The first thing I want to say is that you aren’t tied in!

If you ever wanted to leave, it is simple to cancel your membership and no questions will be asked. It is important to mention though, that if you did leave and decided to rejoin, you would have to join at the price the membership is at the time of rejoining. 

In the Academy Membership you get:

  • Access to all the contents of the vault for as long as you are a member. The vault contains training videos, webinars, recordings of any facebook lives, it is also where you will find all of the PDF’s and resources, it is a vault of information! As the membership grows, so will the vault! Exciting!
  • One Jump Skills Course (value £30)
  • Games For Agility Success Course (value £30)
  • Training Stop Contacts Course (value £30)
  • Access to a private Facebook group with lives on various subjects and the opportunity for discussions, to ask questions and lots more!
  • Weekly information on what we are training and why with videos if relevant.
  • Information on dog behaviour related to dog agility and general dog training.
  • Handler training (the most important bit) including mindset and much more!
  • PDF’s and Resources to aid your training.
  • Question and Answer sessions.
  • Discounts on future online products/ services.
  • First offer of in person training sessions.
  • The option to receive tailored feedback on your training videos (membership includes 1 training video per week, maximum length 5 mins)

I want handlers to get as much as you can from the academy, so if you would like to see a particular topic covered, pop it in the Facebook group and I will see what I can do!

How do I join?

If you would like to join us in the academy, you would be more than welcome! 

It is something that I hope will grow and progress to a community of kind, like minded, supportive people who all share the same interest – to do the best for their agility dog whilst having lots of fun!

Doors are currently closed, but don’t worry!

To get on the waiting list, to be the first to know when the doors open again, simply click the link below, all instructions are in the vault.

Katrina Bayliss
Dog Agility Behaviour Coach

We look forward to welcoming you on our Quest For Success.

*Access to the vault along with its contents and also membership of the private Facebook group will cease if you decide to cancel your membership.

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