Agility Training

In my training I work on creating the perfect partnership between you and your dog. I will guide you piece by piece to enable you to get the success you desire in your agility training. We can do this via online coaching or in person sessions.

I teach students who either currently compete or those who would like to go to competition in the future. I specialise in problematic agility behaviour.

Agility training does come with some homework, but don’t worry, this can usually be done by training just a few minutes a day in your garden!

Play… Train… Enjoy… Succeed!

Agility Training Plan Action Call

Let me help you to achieve your goals with a training plan that is structured for you and your dog!

Agility One to One Coaching

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Building The Agility Jigsaw ©

My unique information packed courses to build your agility success piece by piece! Click the button below for details.

Train With Me Online

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“Katrina, You are a credit to your vocation. Knowledge, guidance, patience and encouragement, and great fun. ”

Steve and Ruby

Lets start this journey together.

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