Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for both Tails and Peaks and KB Agility (Trading as Tails and Peaks).

1. The client(s) accept Tails and Peaks Terms and Conditions listed below regarding the services offered or agreed upon including any mentioned on relevant forms/contracts. Payment is taken as means of acceptance upon these terms and conditions.

2. Tails and Peaks will not confirm a booking until payment in full has been received along with a completed booking form for all One to Ones, Classes and Workshops.

3. Coaching booking payments are made for 3 week blocks. A list of training dates for the blocks will be available upon enquiry / booking or by prearrangement. Payment is required for all the dates listed in the 3 week block. Full payment secures a booking.

4. One to One Sessions – Upon booking full payment is needed to confirm your appointment.

5. Refunds:

  • If clients cancel their session NO REFUNDS will be given and if this happens repeatedly the client may loose the ability to book further sessions. This is to stop people booking sessions months in advance that they then go on to cancel last minute
  • If a scheduled training class or one to one is cancelled by myself then a new date will be given. If this is not possible then a refund for the missed session will be given.
  • If I decide that the Dog or Handler is not suitable for training and the training does not take place then a refund will be given.
  • Refunds will not be given for a booked session if it is your choice not to attend, for example due to a holiday.
  • Clients should only use the booking system to book sessions that they can definitely attend.
  • Clients can sell on any sessions that they can not attend to another student via my private Facebook group.

6. All dogs are to be on lead in a class or workshop or one to one session at all times unless asked by the trainer to take them off lead.

7. Reactive dogs may be asked to wear a muzzle if necessary when around other dogs.

8. Tails and Peaks does not undertake training with people aggressive dogs, a vet check and a behaviourist appointment is recommended.

9. The client(s) is responsible for the good practice of safe training in a training class or one to one session and understands the rules regarding Health and Safety.

10. Injured or ill dogs should not be brought to training classes or one to one sessions unless previously discussed with Tails and Peaks.

11. Tails and Peaks must be alerted to any severe behavioural problems at the time of booking in order to tailor the service to the dogs individual requirements and failure to do so may incur a charge or cancellation due to safety risks.

12. Tails and Peaks is insured for public and professional liability however, we encourage that the client(s) insure their pets themselves. We reserve the right to refuse a booking where a pet isn’t insured.

13. All dogs attending training must be fully vaccinated or titre tested, and flea treated/wormed regularly.

14. All clients details are kept under lock and key or stored safely digitally.

16. Dogs in Training Classes, Workshops and waiting for one to one training (outside the venue, for example car park ) should be kept at a good distance from each other unless otherwise instructed by a trainer.

17. A non refundable deposit can be taken for some events, this deposit holds your place on the event until the closing date for places. If full payment has not been received by the closing date your place will be forfeited.


All of our students get issued with our class Terms and Conditions and Health and Safety Rules when they book onto our courses. If you would like to receive a copy then please contact us by using our contact form.

Dog Urination On Equipment

Our equipment is very costly and due to current health and safety regulations we now have a no tolerance policy regarding dogs urinating on equipment.  

Clients are asked not to let dogs off lead to run around the arena before a training session commences. This is to minimise any accidents.

When dogs are in between exercises in a session dogs must be either in a control position (sit, down etc) on a boundary or clipped back on lead.

Any accidents that do occur will need to be cleaned by the handler using the water, mop & spray provided in the arena. The time taken to do this will be part of your training session.

Repeat offenders will occur a cleaning charge fine for each offence of £5 to enable the equipment to be deep cleaned to prevent other dogs marking the equipment.

Privacy Policy

As of the 25th May 2018 a new EU regulation called the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR comes into effect.

You as the consumer have the rights and control to your data and what we as a business can do with your data.

We must ensure you are fully aware of what data we collect, how we use and who we share it with.

What personal data do we collect?

We hold your contact details such as name, email address, telephone numbers, address, pet details, payment details for tax purposes and potentially information on lifestyle depending on which service is required.

Why we collect your data and how it is stored?

We ask for contact details so that if there is an issue with classes you can be contacted, or if there is an emergency whilst your dog is in our care. Addresses may also be needed for training consults and dog walking so that we know where to come! Pet information is required to be able to provide a good level of service and offer the appropriate products. All data is stored electronically through mail chimp for anyone who has subscribed to our newsletter; password access required. Hard copies are also stored in a locked and secured premise.

Who will your data be shared with?

Only your instructor/walker will see your data and it will not be shared with anyone else outside of Tails and Peaks Dog Training and Agility. If your dog ever becomes ill during walks or classes, we may share your and your pets’ details with the vets to help treat them.

How long will your data be stored and how is it deleted?

Your data is kept for 7 years, after 7 years it is shredded. At your request we can hand back any questionnaires if you no longer want us to hold your data.

Your data will never be passed on to any third party or any other person. We may contact your for marketing purposes.

If you have contacted us via our contact form we retain your email address to contact you with the relevant information you requested.

We take pictures / videos of our training sessions which are sometimes then used for marketing or demonstration purposes. You have the option to opt out of these when registering for a class or at any other point by contacting us.

Refunds – Administration Charge. Please note that if you have requested a refund in the time frame of our refund policy your refund will be processed with the deduction of a £5 administration charge.

Online Classes and Virtual consultation Disclaimer

Use of our online training course and virtual consultations carries with it risks that we cannot entirely eliminate.  These include the risk of person injury.

When participating you are doing so at your own risk.
You must act responsibly and sensibly at all times.
You must not participate if you are a child who is unaccompanied by and adult or under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs.
You must follow any safety warning or instruction given to you by your dog trainer or contained in the course material please ask your trainer if you are unclear.
We are not qualified to express an opinion that you are fit to safely participate in the online training course. You must obtain professional or specialist advice from your doctor before participating or avoid any activities if you have any current health concerns, injuries or aches and pains.
Please use a suitable non slip flooring during training.
In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by us, participation in the training course or consultation is entirely at your own risk.
Virtual training sessions will be recorded and these recordings retained for a minimum of 36 months, as requested by our insurance company.

Disclaimer for personal injury or death (use of equipment)

You are responsible for using equipment in a reasonable condition that meets UK product safety standard and as directed in the training materials provided. You must behave sensibly, use the equipment as intended and follow any safety instruction so as not to hurt or injure yourself, your dog or others.

Disclaimer for loss or damage of property

In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by us, we are not responsible for any damage, destruction or loss of your property while using our training materials.

Disclaimer for dog behaviour

In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by us, we are not responsible for any loss or injury arising from an act or omission  by you or your dog, This includes but is not limited to:

Circumstances where your dog attacks you as the owner, another person or another dog and;
Veterinary bills for any injury caused to your dog or a third parties dog as a result of using the training course.
Medical bills for any injury caused to you or a third parties as a result of using the training course.



We have a hand sanitiser dispenser on the arena entrance gate to be used by clients before, during and after your session.

We will sanitise our hands before and after each session / client.

We will open and close the gate of the arena and any equipment such as dropped poles etc is only to be touched by the trainers.

We regularly clean and disinfect equipment with appropriate cleaning products.

We will keep a 2 meter distance from clients.

We will not touch clients dogs or their toys, leads etc.

Dog poo must be picked up and taken home with you, we have removed the waste bin to minimise waste risk.

If you or anyone in your household are showing any signs of Covid-19 please do not attend and contact us to rearrange your session.

Please do not attend if you have any Covid 19 symptoms, have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive or have tested positive yourself for Covid 19 with in 14 days of training. 

It is your individual responsibility to make yourself aware of the current government regulations and guidelines regarding travelling to/ from a training session.

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