Weekly Group Agility Classes Pinxton

My weekly group classes are on a Sunday evening at my Pinxton venue.

These run outdoors from June through to the end of September, the classes will then go inside from September till May and be held in the sand arena at the Pinxton venue.

The classes are held in a secure outside field with the dogs working one at a time whilst the other dogs in the group are behind the fence. When the dogs in the group are ready to work around other dogs, all dogs will be inside the field.

This is a fantastic opportunity to practice agility in a safe group environment with the dogs gaining experience working around other dogs.

Dogs will be in groups dependent on their current agility experience.

Classes will be:

5pm – Pre-Agility / Foundations

6pm – Advanced Agility

7pm – Competition Dogs

The 6pm and 7pm classes work on a 4 week cycle of Skills, Obstacle Discrimination, Handling /Sequencing and Full Course Running.

The 5pm Pre- Agility/ Foundations follows a 4 week programme.

Booking will be for a monthly block of lessons.

If you are interested in a place, please fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as a place becomes available.

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