What do I need for my training session?

Harnesses in training – When your dog starts their jump training we do not allow harnesses to be worn. If your dog needs to wear a harness in their pre-agility training please make sure it is a ‘Y’ shaped harness and not one that restricts movement across their chest.

There are a few things that you will need to bring with you to the training sessions. Below I have compiled a handy list for your reference:

  • High quality dog treats and some of your dogs normal food.
  • Your dogs favourite toy, 2 of the same one would be ideal.
  • Water for your dog.
  • Poo bags (all waste MUST be taken home with you, any person found to not pick up after their dog and take home will have their training suspended)
  • Pringles or gravy container lid or one of our contact disks (£2 each)

There are also a few additional items that you will need for your agility training. These items can be purchased from myself or from elsewhere:

  • Lotus ball or
  • Small silver bowl

These items along with high quality treats can be purchased singly from my online shop:

Please also make sure that you have made yourself familiar with my training rules and terms and conditions. These can be found by clicking the buttons below:

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