Why Train One To One?

I predominantly train one to one agility sessions. Below I have answered some of the common questions:

Why train one to one?

Asking a dog to learn something new requires focus. It is much easier for a dog to focus and learn new skills with minimal distractions.

If a dog is easily distracted or worried by other dogs or people they will find it hard to learn. This is very common in a group environment. I find dogs will not progress as well with their training in group sessions as they would when learning one to one.

My sessions are tailored and focused for the individual dog rather than the whole group, so your dog will naturally progress faster.

Is it more expensive?

This is often down to each person’s individual opinion! What is expensive to one person can be cheap to another!

My one to one sessions are £20 for 30 minutes.

If you compare this to a group class where you will typically be in a group of 6 people. Usually in the hour group session you will get a maximum of 3 x 5 minutes slots with the trainer, this is if everything runs smoothly! Group sessions on average are £15 for the hour. So that is £15 for 15 minutes (so this would work out more expensive).

Do you do any indoor training?

I run one off monthly workshops in a indoor riding school. However, my one to ones are trained outside in an all weather sand arena.

With the latest guidance regarding COVID I have decided to only run outdoor training at this time.

How will I get my dog used to training around other dogs?

For dogs who are ready to train around other dogs I run specific group workshops as an addition to my one to one training.

These workshops are set specifically for the needs of each dog in the group to enable them to be successful in their training.

I wanted to make new friends, how do I do this when training one to one?

All my students have access to my private Facebook group where they can chat to other students, share ideas and post training videos.

I also run one off group sessions and special events where students can meet up in person.

Do you run any other training?

Yes, along with my one to one training I have:

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