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I am a dog trainer, agility coach and author based in Derbyshire.

I specialise in problematic agility behaviour, mindset and competition performance. I work with both parts on the team, I don’t just focus on the dog! As handlers our job is to guide our dogs around the course. The human side of the team needs to be just as confident as the dog side of the team!

I teach and train a variety of breeds and temperaments, but I specialise in spaniels. Having three myself and a vast amount of students with spaniels over the years, I really know the breed well and I am able to guide students through their training with these sensitive, high powered working dogs.

I compete in Grade 7 (Champ) with both my dogs, Flash and Milo. Grade 7 is the top level that a dog can achieve in the UK. Both of my dogs achieved grade 7 under the new progression rules. I also have a young dog, Quest who will be starting his competition career soon!

I have one priority to deliver knowledgeable, kind, bespoke training advice and guidance which is tailor made and fun for both the owner and their dog. No two dogs are the same and I help owners to understand their dogs individual needs and utilise these needs in their training.

Agility is a game of relationship and teamwork. I love creating amazing partnerships and watching each team flourish as their skills, knowledge and confidence grows.

I specialise in problematic behaviour as I believe by truly understanding your dog’s individual needs, you can achieve anything you desire!

Problematic behaviour in agility is quite common and is often something that isn’t routinely covered in your standard agility training. When our dog doesn’t behave the way we expect or would like, this can often leave the handlers feeling frustrated as it can really set their training back. I help the handler to understand their individual dog, what is happening and why and then guide them back onto the path of success – however big or small their goal may be!

As a coach I will help you to build all the separate pieces of training that are needed for agility. We then place these pieces together to achieve success 🧩.

Along with the success of both of my dogs climbing the grades within their first year of competing, many of my students have achieved success quickly when starting agility competitions.

You can find information about my book, which documents Milo’s sucess by clicking the button below.

Agility is a team sport – you and your dog! What you do as a handler and in your everyday life has an impact on your dog and their behaviour. In my training I make sure both members of your team are working towards the same goal!

To be successful the training needs to be consistent and tailored to the individual needs of your dog at that moment time. Think of it like a jigsaw 😉, lots of tiny little pieces that fit together to make the bigger picture! That is what I do, I tailor my training to suit YOUR dogs individual needs. Yes, there are generic skills and we learn those too, but by truly understanding your dog you will help them succeed in any environment!

I have successfully ran an Agility and Dog Training school (Tails and Peaks Agility and Dog Training) for a number of years, where I have helped hundreds of dogs and owners with a vast range of dog training struggles and transformed their relationships for the better. I have now tailored the business in an area that I am super passionate about, helping agility handlers with any problematic behaviour they may be facing.

To read my client’s reviews please click here.

I am proud to be a part of a number of organisations who are committed to delivering first class professional development ensuring I keep my own knowledge, skills and training up to date.

I have a passion for learning and I undertake many new courses each month. I regularly train with a number of elite agility handlers and coaches both online and in person. For more information about my qualifications please click here.

What People Say

“Done several classes with Katrina and always get a great welcome and super results. Katrina is a dedicated positive trainer who get the best out of dogs and handlers alike. Could not recommend more highly” 

David Lumb

“Another interesting and informative workshop from Katrina. We love the workshops you do, as they are great fun and teaches so many new things.”

Linda Cox

“Highly recommended. We have learnt just as much as our dogs. Well structured and always a fun and friendly atmosphere. Lots of help and support too.”

Lauren Howells

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