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The Kindle version of my book (and the paperback) are available to purchase from the amazon store. The link is at the bottom of this page.

This is my personal story of how I became a dog trainer!

Coming into this industry hasn’t been easy! It wasn’t planned and has certainly been a roller coaster! There have been many personal and business hurdles I’ve had to face, but many successes too! In this book I will not only tell you how I did it, but how you too can achieve absolutely anything you want to with your four legged friend by your side!

Previous to getting Milo I suffered badly with anxiety. The only reason Milo joined our family was to help me leave the house…or so I thought!

It turns out some things are just meant to happen and in my book I will take you on an honest journey of how one little dog changed my whole life!

From pet dog owner to dog trainer and successful agility competitor including absolutely everything in between!

If you have a passion for dogs, then this book is for you! Everyone loves a good dog story, and in this book I reveal how Milo completely changed my life!

If you are in the dog industry yourself, then this book will tell you how I overcame some of the daily struggles we face in our mission to make the world of dogs a better place. 

If you suffer from anxiety, this book will bring you some tips on how I overcame the common struggles that you may be facing.

Maybe you’re at the start of your dog training journey. This book will tell you how I built up my business from scratch to create a successful business with many happy clients.

If you, like me, are one of those people who never seemed to fit in, then this book is also for you. It will tell you how I gained the confidence to just be ME, so I didn’t need the approval of anyone else! 

This book is for anyone who loves a true dog story of companionship, loyalty, trust, and a bond like no other!

Grab your copy of MILO THE DOG THAT GAVE ME IT ALL! and join me on my personal journey of success! 

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