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Agility Behaviour and Performance Specialist

Does your agility dog struggle with:

  • Broken Start Lines
  • Lack of Focus
  • Struggles To Work in a Group Environment
  • Understanding and Listening to Verbal Cues
  • Lack of or Too Much Forward Drive
  • Jumping up and Biting the Handler when Training or Running a Course
  • Not Consistent Criteria on Equipment
  • Behaves Differently in Training to a Competition
  • High Arousal
  • Lack of or Too Much Motivation
  • Environment Struggles
  • Confidence Struggles
  • Noise anxiety
  • Lack of Disengagement from Distractions
  • Frustration Struggles (dog or handler!)
  • Problems Training Certain Handling Skills
  • Weave Training Struggles
  • Contact Training Struggles
  • Maybe you as a handler would like to learn more about your agility dog, understanding them and how you, as 50% of the team, play a vital role in your dogs success!

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you need my new online 6 week programme AND my Podcast!

Let me help you achieve the results you require!

If you are wanting to build a fantastic relationship with your dog, have fun and truly understand their needs, hit a button below:

I’m Katrina, I help agility dogs to be focused, happy, calm when needed, confident and successful in competition and training.

I am a Grade 7 / Championship Handler with my focus being competition agility.

I currently compete in grade 7 with both my competing dogs and train with numerous well know agility trainers, meaning my practical skills are current and up to date. I have a broad knowledge of the practical agility skills as well as the behavior knowledge which underpins my coaching.

I specialise in Problematic Agility Behaviour and help handlers to understand all the ‘in-between’ bits of agility and why they may be experiencing problems. I also help handlers to prevent any problems before they arise with my puppy and young dog coaching.

Before my career in dog training I undertook many qualifications in psychology, this is where my passion lies for helping the human side of the team with their mindset and helping them to perform well when training and competing. I am also currently studying sports psychology.

As agility handlers, we are 50% of the team. It is our responsibility to help our dogs around the course. Did you know that dogs can smell our emotional state? This is why it is crucial that we work on both parts of the team, you and your dog, to make sure you are both 100% confident when you step out on that startline.

If you would like to know more about my role as an agility problematic behaviour specialist click here.

Problematic behaviour in agility is quite common and is often something that isn’t routinely covered in your standard agility training. When the dog doesn’t behave the way we expect or would like, this can often leave the handler feeling frustrated as it can really set their training back. There is little point training the agility skills if the dog has something emotionally going on, or if their focus isn’t on the handler as they simply will not be able to take in the learning as intended!

I help the handler to understand their individual dog, what is happening and why and then guide them back onto the path of success using kind, ethical training methods, however big or small their goal may be! By working with clients online I am not limited to who I can teach due to location.

I am experienced in working with a variety of breeds, temperaments and ages from puppies to older dogs. If you would like to know more about me click here.

Ground Zero To Grade 7 Podcast

In my podcast I let you into my world of agility training and competing. I give you honest and open stories of what has worked well and what hasn’t! I feature tips and training advice, special guests and lots more! Helping you to……

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If I told you I could give you that magic piece of information that would help you to achieve success far quicker than routinely drilling skills, would you want it?

In my NEW interactive 6 week programme, that’s exactly what I do! You will gain a valuable insight on every piece of the agility game! This programme covers all the bits your skills training doesn’t – but these skills are just as important!

Whatever level you are at, this programme will help you understand agility from your dog’s point if view, it will supercharge your knowledge, understanding and give you all the skills to enable you to put all the pieces in place to achieve success!

Tailored One to One Training

Training that is tailored to you and your dog! Working on a specific issue or learning new skills. My training will train your dog in the moment, if they are struggling with anything we look at WHY and break it down to help them succeed!

Online Learning – Need that extra bit of guided help?

I can help you with my online courses and downloadable PDF’s.

My Books

My growing range of books are both useful and informative.

NEW BOOK! Coming Soon!

The book that every agility handler needs! Whatever level you are at, this book will supercharge your agility and more!

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“Katrina, You are a credit to your vocation. Knowledge, guidance, patience, encouragement and great fun. ”

Steve and Ruby

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