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Agility Problem Behaviour Specialist

Does your dog struggle with:

  • Broken Start Lines
  • Lack of Focus
  • Jumping up and Biting the handler when Running the Course.
  • Not Consistent Criteria on Equipment
  • Behaves Differently in Training to a Competition
  • High Arousal
  • Lack of or too much Motivation
  • Environment Struggles
  • Lack of Disengagement from Distractions
  • Problems with Training certain Skills
  • Weave Training Struggles
  • Or maybe you as a handler would like to learn more about the many handling moves in agility and how you, as 50% of the team, play a vital role in your dogs success!

Let me help you achieve the results you require!

If you are wanting to build a fantastic relationship with your dog, have fun and truly understand their needs, hit the button below and lets chat!

I am a Championship / Grade 7 Handler with my focus being competition agility.

I specialise in Problematic Agility Behaviour.

I help handlers to create a strong team with their dog, we develop a great connection between the dog and handler and enable the handler to run each course with trust, confidence and enjoyment!

When problems arise, I help the handler to understand their dogs individual needs and I guide them back onto the path of success!

I am experienced in working with a variety of breeds, temperaments and ages from puppies to older dogs.

Not local but need that extra bit of guided help?

Maybe one of my online webinars or courses will give you the final bit of the jigsaw that is missing from your training:

FREE Problematic Agility Behaviour Webinar

  • Does your dog struggle with certain aspects of their agility training?
  • Do they loose focus, bark or lunge at other dogs or do they bite the handler?
  • Maybe your dog struggles in a competition environment and you don’t know what to do?

Watch my FREE 30 minute webinar where I will talk through some of the common agility problems and how to overcome them.

30 Day Online Training

  • Does your dog struggle with specific agility exercises and you would like some structured guidance?
  • Does your dog struggle to settle or focus at an agility show or in training?
  • Do you find queueing at an agility show stressful?
  • Does your dog struggle with disengagement, focus or working around other dogs?
  • Does your dog struggle to recall to you?
  • Is your dog easily excited or worried in certain environments?

With my 30 day training I help you to work through your struggle, giving you tailored feedback 3 times a week – all you need is your phone!

“Katrina, You are a credit to your vocation. Knowledge, guidance, patience, encouragement and great fun. ”

Steve and Ruby

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