Well hello there πŸ‘‹!

So for those who know me you will have noticed a few changes …. my sparkly new logo for one thing!! Isn’t it fantastic πŸ˜€. I have incorporated a bit of our Tails and Peaks logo along with incorporating my unique philosophy (come and train with me to learn more πŸ˜‰)

Lockdown 2020 really got me thinking.. you kind of have to when you have so much time on your hands!

This has been in the pipeline of my thoughts for a long time and lockdown gave me the opportunity and the time to really focus what I want from the business and to move it forward in a way I am happy with and in a place where I can really help the right people.

KB Agility is going to focus purely on bespoke agility training. Our blogs will feature training information relating to agility, what we get up to in training and on our days off!

Having successfully ran Tails and Peaks for a number of years coupled with training both my dogs to achieve quick success at compitition level I decided I wanted to concentrate on teaching agility, specialising in core skills and foundations.

I have watched the industry for a number of years and I have noticed it is usually the foundations that let people down when they get in the ring.

I have successfully coached both my dogs along with many of my agility students to achieve success from the start when they embark on their agility competition career.

I believe by understanding your dogs unique personality and by giving them fantastic foundations you will achieve great things!

I am super excited to start this next leg in my journey. Hit the follow box further down this page to follow my blogs to gain valuable training advice and to watch my dogs carry on their agility journey or hit the train with me button and come and train with me!

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