A Coach or a Trainer?!

One thing that often gets people confused is the difference between a coach and a trainer. Whilst these are similar titles I refer to myself as a coach and I will tell you why below.

My background is in helping people, before coming into dog training I actually had my career set out as helping humans! I have qualifications in psychology and counselling and this is what I thought I would do until my dog Milo came into my life, but I’m sure you will hear all about that story soon ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ“•.

Dog training is as much about the handler as it is about the dog. Our dogs are super clever things and they not only pick up on our behaviour and see that as clues to what is happening next, they also pick up on our emotions and how we are feeling!

So with this in mind I work on both ends of the dog lead!

As a coach I help people to understand their individual dog. No two dogs are the same and by understanding your individual dog you will learn how to train them more successfully and therefore get the results you require.

Agility is made of up of all manner of things with the majority of them being nothing to do with the jumps! There is a reason my logo is made up of lots of jigsaw pieces, because that’s exactly what you need for any kind of training success, you need each piece to fit together to achieve the bigger picture ๐Ÿงฉ๐Ÿงฉ๐Ÿงฉ๐Ÿงฉ.

Each piece of my logo represents a different element of training and when this all comes together you achieve fantastic results! This isn’t just limited to agility, what I teach you will transfer to everyday life! Win, win! ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†

A lot of agility trainers focus on the actual agility and yes this is important but what if I told you what you did before you left the house, what you feed your dog in the session, whether you use food or toys to reward or even what their journey is like to training could actually be hindering any success you have in that session?!

This is what makes me different as a coach.

Yes I could train your dog to do a certain trick or behaviour but my role is to coach owners to understand their dog inside out. This is what will give you success regardless of if you want to go to an agility competition or to just get a clear round in my training arena.

This is why I specialise in agility foundations, it is where the magic happens! ๐ŸŽฉ๐Ÿ”ฎ

Watching owners have those light bulb moments and seeing their relationship with their dog go from strength to strength is the best thing ever!๐Ÿ’ก

Understanding your dog is key!

With lockdown upon us there is no better time to become your dogs geek with my range of online training options.

Click here to see my range of Online Coaching.

Dogs really are man’s best friend, we owe it to them to understand them and train them in a way they not only enjoy but that builds their confidence and relationship with us.

Happy Training

Katrina ๐Ÿพ

Published by KB Agility

Games Based Agility Coach. One to One Agility Training. Small Group Workshops and Seminars. Based in Derbyshire.

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