Reward Reward Reward!! (part 2)

So in my earlier blog I talked through several things regarding rewards and some of the common mistakes people make when training. If you missed it then you can read it here. In this blog I want to go through two other very important subjects when it comes to rewarding our dogs : 🧩Criteria 🧩Rate ofContinue reading “Reward Reward Reward!! (part 2)”

Rewards Part 1

How to reward your dog correctly is THE most important part of dog training and it is one of the first things I mention on my FUNdamental Foundations Courses. In my two part blog I will be going through a few important things to remember when rewarding your dog. Just imagine this… Its a blisteringContinue reading “Rewards Part 1”

Copying – A hindrance or a help? 🤔

Copying is unfortunately something I’ve become used to all of my life. Even back to my school days I can recall many a situation where I was being copied one way or another. When I set up this business many years back a local person copied every single thing on my website! So you couldContinue reading “Copying – A hindrance or a help? 🤔”

🥳Fourth in the Final for Flash!🥳🍾🧩

On Sunday we had a trip to Agility Vision as Flash had qualified for the Grand National Finals sponsored by Adams Agility. We weren’t expecting much as both dogs have been having a semi break from competing so we are a bit out of practice at shows as we haven’t been doing many this summerContinue reading “🥳Fourth in the Final for Flash!🥳🍾🧩”

Why Problematic Agility Behaviour? 🤔❓️

Those that follow my social media will already know that I have laser targeted the business to focus on problematic agility behaviour. You may be wondering why I’ve done this, so I thought I’d explain. If you have read my book (if not click here you are missing a treat 😜) you will know whyContinue reading “Why Problematic Agility Behaviour? 🤔❓️”

Why is Confidence so Important?

Today we had a major breakthrough in Quest’s training. All the weeks of patience, understanding and structured training has started to pay off 💙🧩🧩. Earlier this year Quest went for a routine vet trip. It was the first time he had ever been in the vets with me. Previously due to all the lockdowns heContinue reading “Why is Confidence so Important?”

Success! Is it all that it seems?!

If you follow me on social media you will know that last Tuesday Flash achieved his last win meaning he is now GRADE 7 🥳🥳. Now I’ve had time to reflect a little I thought I’d share my feelings after realising the similarities of how I felt on Tuesday night. Over the years I’ve hadContinue reading “Success! Is it all that it seems?!”

Turning ‘failure’ into Focus 💪

Yesterday after my blog went live I received so many lovely messages from friends and clients 💕 . These messages said how much they enjoyed reading the blog, but more importantly how they completely resonated with my story. I believe as a coach it is so important to tell the whole story warts and all!Continue reading “Turning ‘failure’ into Focus 💪”