July Success

This weekend I took my dogs to the Agility Vision show.

We came home with the following:

Milo only needed one more win for Grade 6 and actually got 2! He also gained enough points to claim his Agility Warrant Silver which now gives him new letters after his kennel club name 🙂.

Flash won into Grade 5 in June and is in his 25 day period (this is a period of 25 days from winning into a new grade that any further wins do not count for progression) Flash is unaware of this rule and brought home 3 clear wins and a 2nd place.

Having 5 clear wins at one show is quite an achievement, I am not one to blow my own trumpet but when I see places popping up which encourage you to try agility with the full kit and no regard for the dogs safety and welfare it does make me a little bit sad.

I spend lots of time researching, learning and updating my skills and the dogs safety and welfare is at the heart of everything I do. The reason my dogs get results is because I understand them! I have numerous qualifications in dog training and behaviour and I am constantly updating my knowledge. I also train with some of the best agility coaches and instructors in the UK and I do various online learning from agility trainers all over the world. This filters down into my own teaching.

The dog training and walking industry isn’t regulated, this means anyone without ANY qualifications or knowledge can walk or train your dog. To me that is scary, just because you love animals and once had a dog doesn’t qualify you to throw packs of dogs together and take them on a group walk!! And it equally doesn’t enable you to train them. There are also agility trainers out there who haven’t even got a clear round rosette nevermind any wins!!

Dog behaviour is complex, it is up to us as owners to do the best for our dogs by only allowing them the best care and training and entrusting them with people that understand and know their stuff! Would you go to the dentist if the dentist didn’t know the first thing about teeth?! Or would you put your child in the care of someone who hadn’t had all the relevant checks?!

If we are a nation of dog lovers then we owe it to our dogs to understand them and give them the best care possible!

My dogs get results because I start with solid foundations. Yes these aren’t the kit and can seem a bit boring if your wanting to do all the sexy stuff, however I see it time and time again when the foundations are rushed as the handlers desires outweigh what the dog needs at the time.

To train and teach successfully you need an understanding of dog behaviour and reinforcement from the dogs point of view. What we think, and what is actually happening can be two very different things.

My logo is made up of jigsaw pieces for a reason, all the little bits slot together to make the bigger game of agility.

My training won’t suit you if your wanting to treat it like it is a trip to the play park. If your wanting to have fun learning how to truly understand your dog and build an amazing team together then that is what I do!

I don’t train your dog, I train YOU;

  • To understand agility as a sport
  • I help you to train solid foundations
  • I guide you on your journey to understanding your individual dogs needs as you become that perfect team.

These 3 things will get you results even if those results are just a better relationship with your dog and a calmer dog in the home!

Do you need to compete to train with me? Absolutely not, but you will be more than equipped if you ever decide to take it to the ring as my training is exactly the same for competing dogs as it is for ones that just do it for fun. It isn’t focused on competition, it is focused on solid foundations, understanding and teamwork skills … these just happen to be exactly what you need before taking it into a ring 😉.


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Games Based Agility Coach. One to One Agility Training. Small Group Workshops and Seminars. Based in Derbyshire.

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